In an industry where customer service is king, hotels big and small are always looking for ways to improve a guests’ experience. From a technology standpoint specifically we’ve seen several examples of how hotels have adapted in recent years: free wifi, kiosk check-in systems, smartphone keycards, GoBoards in lobbies that provide weather, flight, and news info, and many other helpful technological improvements. In today’s technological world possibilities that hotel operators might’ve never envisioned have opened up to provide guests with better experiences. Although, there is a balancing act that hotels need to remain cognizant as to how far they can push new technology.

As Larry Mogelonsky wrote in his article in HotelsMag, hotels should embrace technology while still being mindful about changing too much too fast.

“On the one hand, it is prudent to keep an open mind as to how new tech might work to your advantage as well as what new apps or networks are gaining popularity. Yet on the other hand, you cannot be a weather vane hotelier, lionizing the latest and greatest then swiftly moving onto the next best thing whence it comes. Keep your tech tactics simple and streamlined, and always proceed cautiously.”

Enter: Portable Charging Devices.

Plus Blue’s portable chargers are the perfect balance of practical modern technology, that won’t overwhelm the less-than-tech-savvy individuals. So, why would a mobile charging device be the perfect amenity from a guest and hotels standpoint?

1. There is a high demand for portable chargers now, and in the future.

– Cell phone technology has come a long way, but one issue that has always remained consistent is battery life. PlusBlue chargers offer a solution to that common issue without keeping user stuck to the wall with their phone plugged in. There was also a report by MarketandMarkets that projected the portable charging market will reach $10.94 Billion by the year 2020, a 17.53% increase from 2014.

2. A portable charger allows a guest to spend more time outside their room.

– Ideal for any guest that is on-the-go with anything from: business meetings, lunches or dinners, exploring a new city, vacationers, event goers, etc. If a guest is checking in then immediately has somewhere to be, hotels can save their guest valuable time by providing them with a portable charger.

3. The “wow factor” that gets people talking

– Even though the portable charging industry is one of the fastest growing markets right now, there are still many people who have never used a portable charger. By giving a guest the opportunity to use this handy device for free it might provide that extra wow-factor.

In the state where everyone has a voice, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or any other social site, that wow-factor could be the memorable thing that leads to a favorable review.

4. Easy-to-use

– I touched on this topic earlier, but a PlusBlue charger is an extremely easy device to use whether you’re a tech savant or a casual cell phone user. Some hotels have introduced touch-screen tv’s, or smart sensing temperature control. These examples and other technologies might not be as user friendly for every hotel guest. I can only imagine my dad using a touch-screen TV. PlusBlue chargers require a cord and one button. Easy for all users.

5. For every PlusBlue charger used by a guest, your hotel’s brand is receiving organic marketing.

photo credit: Wynn Las Vegas official Facebook page

– The Wynn Las Vegas hotel has over 2,700 rooms. Imagine if every one of those rooms had a PlusBlue charger in it. Now imagine for a second if 10% of the guests staying at the Wynn took their charger out with the diamond-engraved “Wynn Las Vegas” logo as you see above. That’s nearly 300 people using their Wynn Las Vegas portable charger out on the town in full display of whomever they are with or near. That’s free, organic, marketing you can’t buy that any hotel can use.

6. Word of mouth marketing

– Similar to the organic marketing as just mentioned, a PlusBlue charger with an engraved logo is an automatic conversation starter. Because the portable market is still on the outside of mainstream people are always very intrigued by portable chargers.

7. PlusBlue chargers are compatible with a wide-range of electronics

Apple iPhones, iPads, Androids, GoPros, Tablets, Cameras, etc. PlusBlue chargers are compatible with a wide variety of products which allow hotels to service more guests without having to purchase more items.

8. The ability to sell chargers

– In 2013 Hyatt announced it’s “Hyatt Has It” program that allowed guests to barrow or buy normal household items like hair-straightening irons, yoga mats, quality shampoo, and more. They realized the potential to service guest who might forget to pack an item, and understanding that an individual might not have time to go shopping for a hair-straightener while on vacation.

Hyatt’s tagline for their “Hyatt Has It” program is:

“It’s not just hospitality designed with you in mind. It’s hospitality designed with you in charge.”

I couldn’t think of a more perfect tagline myself that aligns PlueBlue Chargers and hotels. If a guest likes their PlusBlue enough they could purchase it on the spot. Another win-win for the hotel, guest, and us here at PlusBlue.

9. Chargers at conferences

– While providing a comfortable place to sleep is important, conferences make up a big part of business for the hotel industry. What better way to service hundreds of conference attendees than to provide them with portable chargers from PlusBlue?

10. The office away from the office

– Hotel’s providing office space is becoming an increasing trend for company’s that are in need of space outside of their home offices. Marriott recently introduced “Workspace on Demand” that allows non-hotel guest the ability to book meeting space for full or half days. Mobile chargers could be the perfect complement to conference rooms that might have outlets taken up by computers and other electronics.