When you think GPS and golf you generally consider the two things to go hand-in-hand, right?

I mean, in today’s technological world there are all kinds of GPS devices to help any golfer measure his or her distance from the pin. You have belt clips, watches, laser guided range finders, and of course just the good old fashion handheld GPS device, like this one:

Before the advent of GPS technology in smartphones, these devices were as highly coveted as a top-of-the-line driver. Every golfer wanted a device that would tell them exactly where they were on the course, how far away the hole was, and (sometimes more importantly) how far away the hazards were. The only problem was they cost about as much as a top-of-the-line driver.

Fortunately, thanks to the evolution of GPS and technology, you can have your own GPS device for free by simply downloading an app on your smartphone.

Most golfers are well aware of this, as evident by the number of downloads of the app GolfLogix, branded as “#1 Free Golf App.” GolfLogix’s projects that it has had between 1,000,000-5,000,000 installs. It truly is a great app, and one that I’ve used myself countless times. But, as anyone who’s used a golf GPS app on their phone can tell you, the biggest drawback is that it kills your phone’s battery life.

The solution? Well, you probably already guessed it.

PlusBlue chargers are the perfect item for any golfer that uses their phone on the course. Whether it’s due to a GPS app that is draining battery, or even just to keep your phone charged during a 5-hour round. This handy device can be more useful than a pitching wedge, for some.

Aside from individual use, imagine if this service was provided by golf courses themselves? It would be amazing to be able to rent or rent-to-buy a portable charger for a round.

We’re not the only ones who’ve seen this win-win potential. In the past year we’ve filled orders from several golf courses looking to add PlusBlue chargers to their pro shop. Elmira Country Club, for example, not only purchased our portable chargers, but also had us custom engrave ECC’s logo into each charger.