Here at PlusBlue I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to have our chargers in hotels. Okay, maybe obsessed over it would be a better way to describe it. We’ve sold and rented-out countless chargers at Ohio State football games, Bengals games, Reds games, the Western & Southern Open, and the BNP Parabas Open in California. We’ve sold to individuals, to companies, and to golf resorts. I’m very proud of how much our start-up has accomplished in the portable charging space, but there’s one market that’s always eluded us. The hotel industry.

Call me biased, but having a portable charger in my hotel room seems like a slam dunk idea. No more would I get in from a flight and have to worry about charging my phone on 20% battery. Or have to look for the nearest outlet when I’m out and I’ve forgotten to charge-up the night before. I could take it with me to weddings, meetings, dinners, poolside, and nights out on the town. I could remain connected, while not being confined to a three foot cord plugged into the wall. Obviously, these are things I’ve thought about a lot, but it got us at PlusBlue thinking, there’s got to be more people that think this is a good idea, right?

That’s why the PlusBlue team put together a short survey, so we could hear what you thought.

When we put out the survey a couple weeks ago we had several goals in mind:

  1. Identify the different types of travelers and their characteristics
  2. Discover if there was a desire for portable chargers in hotels
  3. Ask if having a portable charger in your hotel room would enhance your experience

Fortunately, we received over 500 responses!

Surveyors were asked to pick only one of the following, but many stated how it’s an even split between work and leisure.

PlusBlue Chargers are compatible with a wide spectrum of USB mobile devices including: smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more. They hold  a battery capacity of 6000mAH, have a charging speed of 2.1A, weigh 5.4oz, and retail at $65 (with free engraving).  By comparison, a Mophie Powerstation Pro has a battery of 6000aAM, charge of 2.1A, weighs 12.69oz, and retails at $100.

Several surveyors mentioned how frequently they used Google Maps or other GPS apps were while traveling, but stated that it wasn’t as important as Email/Calls/or Texts.

If a portable charger was available there would be a lot less people returning to their rooms to recharge.

We wanted to know where you, the traveler, would prefer to have portable chargers available within the hotel. 80% responded with a place OUTSIDE their rooms.

Portable chargers give you the ability to not feel tethered to plug-ins.

That’s 77% of surveyors responding in the affirmative, that having a portable charger at their disposal would enhance their overall experience. That could boost up a lot of Yelp reviews.